Avella Return Corrupt Lobbyist Richard Lipsky’s Money!

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The following was sent to us here at Bayside Queens Blog, after completing research we have learned from State Records that Senator Avella has in fact taken bundles of Campaign Cash from Indicted Lobbyist Richard Lipsky…. Pay it back Tony or you are no better!


Assemblyman Braunstein: A New Generation of Leadership

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Sometimes someone comes along in Politics that has the ability to change the Pay to Play degenerate system that makes voters turn red with rage.  Assemblyman Ed Braunstein may be the one!  He is energetic community conscious professional, who is in government for all the right reasons.

Protecting seniors is a top priority for Assemblyman Braunstein. He is advocating for the elderly by working to prevent the closure of senior centers in New York City and was a leader in the recent Assembly budget battle to get centers money, reduce prescription drug costs, and preserve programs such as Meals on Wheels.

Assemblyman Braunstein has introduced numerous bills, including legislation to ban so-called “bath salts,” which are actually meth-like drugs; prevent sex offenders from residing within 500 feet of a school; fight elder abuse; provide tax and rent relief to seniors; and cap the increase on market values for co-ops and condos.

Assemblyman Braunstein previously served on Community Board 11, where he fought to preserve the character of Northeast Queens neighborhoods. As a member of the Community Board 11 Parks Committee, Assemblyman Braunstein fought to keep local parks open and streets clean.

Corruption Common Place In Albany Led by Unions and Senator Avella

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When we look at what occurs in Albany have we ever given it a thought just how much Unions and Special Interest play a role in Government?  My family are all Union workers I value their work and their contributions, but they wield to much strength in the Halls of Government.  Lobbyist, Special Interest, and Corrupt Legislators have been the real reasons for years of Government abuse, mismanagement and fraud in Albany.

Unions Leaders and Albany Insiders influence Elections, as seen in the Tony Avella Endorsement.

Politicans To Pass Albany Budget….But is it Good News?

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Good News is the State Budget is going to be adopted on time the Bad News is the same Politically Corrupt system of Pay to Play still exists.  Some faces have changed including our Senator.  I as a local voter wrote in a name for Senator this past election year. The choice was a disaster! a 40 year incumbent Frank Padavan who was out of touch or a tool of the Special Interest Tony Avella who owes his election to every special interest group alive.  Wow that sucks!

Well time will tell how the budget plays out it seems to me different year same crap 3 men make the decisions everyone else falls in line.  The Budget is still bloated and corruption will still occur! The Tony Avella’s will cut their deals with Lobbyist like his indicted buddy Richard Lipsky.

We need citizen Legislators to make real change if you are a tool of Special Interest you are an enemy of the Community.


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At a time where Government seems to be failing us left and right and positive change seems to be a thing of the past. Everyday citizens must have a way to express themselves and voice concerns.  We take pride in our Bayside Community and are prepared to empower our Citizens so that we can be heard on a range of issues from social events, to Politics to community preservation.

United We Stand Divided We Fall!